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Review Paper and Articles

Advances in multiplex nucleic acid diagnostics for blood-borne pathogens: promises and pitfalls. Expert Review of Molecular Diagnositcs. Early online, 1-13 (2015).

• Deviations in human gut microbiota: a novel diagnostic test for determining dysbiosis in patients with IBS or IBD. Aliment Pharmacol Ther. 2015;42:71-83.

• GenomeWeb News--Applied BioCode Developing Multiplex, Bead-Based GI Pathogen Detection Panel

• Evaluation of the EraGen MultiCode-Plx Respiratory Virus Panel using Barcoded Magnetic Beads designed to Detect Seventeen Respiratory Viruses (Presented at the Clinical Virology Symposium 2011)


• Multiplex Molecular Gastrointestinal Pathogen Detection with an Automated, High Throughput System, 2016

• Multiplex Molecular Gastrointestinal Pathogen Detection with an Automated, High Throughput System, 2015

• A User-Friendly Automated System Evaluated With A Multiplex GI Panel Pathogen Detection

• BioCode MDx 3000 For Multiplex GI Pathogen Detection

• Genotyping 50 Types of HPV with PlexBio Barcoded Magnetic Bead Multiplex Assay

• Multiplexing Finds Diverse Applications, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, December 2010

• AACC Oak Ridge Conference 2010: Cytokine Panel

• Clinical Virology Symposium (CVS) 2010: Respiratory Virus Panel



• Barcoded Magnetic Bead Technology

• BioCode MDx 3000 - High Throughput Molecular Diagnostic System

• BioCode MDx 3000 Gastrointestinal Pathogen Panel

• Cytokines & Chemokines Human, Mouse, Rat, Canine, & Monkey Product Information

• Build Your Future in Multiplex Assays with BioCodes for Better Health


Application Notes

• DNA Capture Probe BMB Coupling, Hybridization with Biotinylated Target, and SA-PE Reaction

• Multiplex Cytokine Immunoassay

• Barcoded Magnetic Bead: Leveraging the Technology from Semiconductor Industry -New Solutions for Multiplex MDx Testing

• SNP Assay Multiplexing Using Barcoded Magnetic Beads in Array Tape™

• Product Insert - 128-plex and 4096-plex BMB

• MSDS - 128-plex Carboxyl BMB

• Product Insert - Nucleic Acid Coupling Kit

• Product Insert - Protein Coupling Kit


* The BioCode MDx 3000 and the associated GI Panel are currently in clinical studies and have not been cleared for marketing by FDA.