BMB-based Instruments for Multiplex Testings

Comparison of Key Advantages


BioCode MDx 3000 High Throughput System BioCode 2500 Analyzer
BioCode MDx 3000 High Throughput, High Volume
Molecular Diagnostic System
BioCode 2500
Multiplex Detection System

BioCode MDx 3000 Key Advantages:

  • Automated 3rd Generation Barcode
  • Magnetic Bead Integrated System
  • 96 Well Microplate Based Platform - High Volume-Low Cost Testing
  • Can Test up to 100 Different Barcodes Per Sample
  • Automates the Amplification, Hybridization and Detection Processes
  • Automation to Minimize the Potential for Any Sample Contamination
  • Up to 94 Samples Completed in Less Than 4 Hours (Sample to Answer)
  • BioCode 2500 Key Advantages:

  • Proteins or Nucleic Acid Testing
  • Up to 128 Different Targets per Sample in about 30 Seconds
  • High Sensitivity: Low Fluorescence Background or Interferences
  • Rapid Reaction: Solution-based Kinetics and a 15-minute Hybridization
  • Easy to Operate System: User Friendly Interface Robust Detection System
  • Less Downtime: No Complicated Lasers or Microfluidic Channels to Clog
  • Automation Friendly System: Ability to robotically load and unload microplates
  • Less Lot-to-Lot Variation: Reduced Inventory Costs
  • Less Consumable Usage and Waste Disposal: No Sheath or Drive Fluids Required

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