Barcoded Magnetic Beads*

Achieve 4,096-plex in 1 microwell


We offer

(1) Carboxyl BMB for covalent attachment for amino-DNA coupling,
(2) P-Carboxyl BMB for covalent attachment for proteins/antibodies coupling, and
(3) Streptavidin coated BMB for biotin coupling for Protein or nucleotide probes immobilization.

Carboxyl beads permit probes and specific primers to bind the bead surface covalently via NH2-modified 5' termini. All these beads enable attachment of proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, and other ligands in a highly multiplexed format with the characteristics of high stability and low nonspecific binding. This simple and flexible immobilization chemistry enables rapid assay development for a variety of applications.

Barcoded Magnetic Beads are formed by doping biocompatible polymer with paramagnetic material. Biocompatible polymer enables highly stable surface chemistry; paramagnetic material exhibits magnetic properties when an external magnetic field is applied, allowing for easy washing and separation. Each 70 x 25 x 6 µm bead contains one of 4,096 possible digital barcodes that can be readily identified through bright field imaging.


Conventional vs. Multiplex Methods


A diverse range of bioassay applications can be explored using BMB with the BioCode 2500 Analyzer. In microplate assays, each microwell is capable of holding hundreds of BMBs. Numerous beads with different barcodes may be placed in each well for multiplex testing. BMB are standard packaged in 1.5 mL tubes that each contains a unique bead code. Custom package sizes are available upon request.

How to Order:

For product pricing:
Please call 562-801-0050, ext 228,
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For ordering:
Please call 562-801-0050, ext. 253, 229,
or email

Product Number Product Name Product Description Number of Reactions
44-B0302-NNNN-50K 4096-BMB-C Carboxyl BMB, NNNN = 0000 - 4,095 1000
44-B0312-NNNN-50K 4096-BMB-P P-Carboxyl BMB, NNNN = 0000 - 4,095 1000
44-B0303-NNNN-50K 4096-BMB-A Amino BMB, NNNN = 0000 - 4,095 1000
44-B0322-NNNN-50K 4096-BMB-SA Streptavidin coated BMB, NNNN = 0000 - 4,095 1000

A 1.5 mL tube contains about 50,000 beads with each tube sufficient for processing ten 96-well microplates.
Custom BMB packaging size of 100,000/tube, 1M/tube, and 10M/tube are available upon request.

*Barcoded Magnetic Beads (BMB) are intended For Research Use Only. Not for use in Diagnostic Procedures.