Development Services for the Multiplex Biomarker Assay

Our Technical services department can assist you in every aspect of development regarding our BMB technology. Here is a list of services provided:

    • Routine and customized “coupling” of reagents to the BMB
    • Using your proprietary antibodies, commercially available antibodies or SNP’s, we will develop customized multiplex assay(s) to meet your needs with a rigorous assay development process.

Custom Multiplex Assay Development by Applied BioCode

Assays are developed using a rigorous test process with phase reviews to exit each phase prior to starting the next.


How to Start Our Limited Feasibility Study:

Applied BioCode is confident in our ability to easily develop customizable assays with our patented Barcoded Magnetic Beads. So sure, that we will conduct a limited feasibility study of using our beads with your assay at No Charge. Just send us your target probes, antibodies and calibrators and we will attach our beads and provide you with the fluorescence values from the BioCode detection platform.

Customers use Applied BioCode to develop custom biomarker multiplex assays for various applications, such as AgBio, Multiplex ELISA Assays, why not you?

Call or email for information on your specific assay development needs. We are ready to assist.

Dr. Michael Ho
Director, Technical Services
Ph: 562-801-0050 x 270