Applied Markets






BMB is a universal platform which can be used for a variety of protein and nucleic acid applications. The molecular diagnostics market consists of fairly mature products for infectious diseases and blood transfusion products as well as newer products for gene-based disorders, blood and organ transplantation, inherited diseases, and cancer. The majority of testing within the molecular diagnostics market consists of nucleic acid-based tests for detecting pathogenic bacteria and viruses. In some cases, these tests can also detect antibiotic resistance. Molecular tests have also made the blood transfusion industry much safer due to their ability to detect lower concentrations of pathogens and viruses in donated blood.


  • In-Vitro Diagnostics

    -Molecular Diagnostics

    Infectious Disease
    Blood Virus
    Transplant, bone marrow and HLA Testing
    Cancer, microRNA

    -Genetic / Companion / Personal Medicine

    Antibiotic / Drug Resistance
    Cystic Fibrosis, CYP450


    Infectious Disease


  • Life Science Research

    -Genomic Research

    Gene Expression Profiling
    Tumorigenic Pathway
    SNP Genotyping
    Drug Discovery
    Biomarker Validation

    -Proteomic Research

    Proteins Expression
    Proteins Screening
    Cellular Signaling
    Metabolic Markers


  • Other Markets

    -Industrial Genotyping / Genetic Analysis

    AgBio (wheat, corn, rice, plant, etc.)
    Animal (cattle, dog, etc.)
    Food Safety Testing
    Forensic Tests

    -Biosecurity / Biothreat

    Infectious Diseases