BioCode MDx 3000 System*

High Throughput Integrated System -- Serves High Volume MDx Labs

Applied BioCode - The BioCode MDx 3000* - Introduction

Applied BioCode - The BioCode MDx 3000* - In-Depth Overview

Applied BioCode - User-Defined Mode Made Easy on the BioCode MDx 3000*

The BioCode MDx 3000 system is an easy-to-use automated Molecular Diagnostic system that integrates all of the post extraction processes of Molecular Diagnostic Testing. The system has been designed to maximize sample throughput without comprising your laboratories quality processes.

The System is based on Applied BioCode's Barcoded Magnetic Beads technology which offers up to 4,096 different barcoded patterns. Up to 100 different barcodes per assay can be run on the BioCode MDx 3000.

The BioCode MDx 3000 System is based on a 96-well microplate format for high throughput and low cost testing. The system automates the PCR amplification, hybridization and detection steps of molecular testing. Automation, along with a simplified workflow, reduces hands on time for labor savings and minimizes the potential for sample contamination.

Up to 94 patient samples can be completed on the system in less than a 5-hour timeframe. Up to 3 assay panels with the same protocols can be run on the system at the same time.

The BioCode MDx 3000 also has a "User Defined" mode giving operators the ability to program and run Lab Developed Tests (LDTs) on the system. For more information, please see our BioCode MDx 3000 - Product Brochure.

BioCode MDx 3000 System Workflow:


Interior View of BioCode MDx 3000 Analyzer

STEP 1: DNA/RNA Extraction;
PCR Setup;
Load PCR microplate onto BioCode MDx 3000*. The System
will automate the PCR amplification, hybridization, detection, and report the results.

How to Order:

For product pricing:
Please call 562-801-0050, ext 228,
or email


For ordering:
Please call 562-801-0050, ext. 253, 229,
or email

* The BioCode MDx 3000 and the associated GI Panel are currently in clinical studies and have not been cleared for marketing by FDA.

BioCode MDx 3000 - Product Brochure

System Features

  • Automation of key system processes (amplification, hybridization, detection) reduces hands on time and the potential for sample contamination
  • Highly Multiplex Assays can have up to 100 different primers
  • Operators can program the system to suppress results for tests not ordered on the patient
  • Operators can run the same panel or mix different panels with the same protocols on one plate
  • Reagents are barcoded with test Type, Lot Number, and Expiration Date information
  • All results are available for transfer to the LIS after each run is completed
  • Automatic System Decontamination with UV light is performed after the sample process is completed and samples are removed