BioCode® 2500 Analyzer*

Multiplex MDx and Immunoassay Reader

The BioCode® 2500 Analyzer has been developed for affordability and ease-of-use. Following the reaction, the barcodes and the fluorescent signal of the beads are detected once the beads have settled to the bottom of each well. Up to 128 analytes can be tested in each well.

The BioCode® 2500 Analyzer has an XY transitional stage to rapidly scan the entire 96-well microplate. The CCD camera reads the barcode using bright field imaging and quantifies the analyte by reading the fluorescence signal intensity. The software of the BioCode® 2500 Analyzer displays the barcode and fluorescence intensity for each BMB in a user-friendly report. For more information, please see our BioCode® 2500 - Product Brochure.

BioCode 2500 Analyzer Specifications:
Coding 12-bit binary barcodes (digital)
White Light Source White LED for barcode decoding
Green Light Source Green LED for fluorescence decoding
Optics (Detection) CCD imager
A/D Resolution 14 bits
Objective Lens 5x magnification
Dynamic Range ≥ 3.0 logs
Detection Limit Limit of detection (LOD) shall be <0.1 fmol based on GAPDH oligo target
Daily Start-Up ≤ 2 min
Reading Time 35 min per 96 wells (22 sec per well)
Number of Tests 96 samples with 128 tests per sample, and up to 12,288 test data points
Operating Temperature 15-35°C
Power 100-240V; 50/60Hz
Weight 19kg (42.0lbs)
Dimensions 35cm W x 48cm D x 25cm H
Connection USB, HDMI, and Ethernet


How to Order:

For product pricing:
Please call 562-801-0050, ext 228,
or email


For ordering:
Please call 562-801-0050, ext. 253, 229,
or email

*BioCode® 2500 Analyzer is intended For Research Use Only. Not for use in Diagnostic Procedures.

BioCode® 2500 - Product Brochure

System Features

    • Reduce Testing Time & Costs
    • Reduce Sample Volume
    • ~30 Minutes per 96-Well Microplate
    • Provide More Data with Comprehensive Information