Rapid BioCode 1000A Analyzer*

128-plex or 4,096-plex in 1 microwell


BioCode 1000A Analyzer is a simple and robust BMB optical imaging system for a 96-well microplate format. After undergoing reaction, the beads settle to the bottom of each well, allowing for barcode identification and fluorescent signal detection. Multiple analyte tests can be performed in each well. One well holds one sample; therefore, each 96-well plate can simultaneously hold 96 patient samples. The system can perform from 1 to 128 target tests for 96 samples in one hour.

BioCode 1000A Analyzer utilizes an XY translational stage, which rapidly scans the entire microplate, as well as a CCD camera that detects both bright field barcode signal and reaction fluorescence signal. Biochemical reactions are quantitatively reported based on fluorescence intensity. Cy3 and phycoerythrin (PE) are common fluorophores used for analyte detection; other fluorophores can also be accommodated by switching optical filter sets. Through a digital barcode, each BMB microbead is encoded with the information of the biological probe immobilized on its surface. BioCode 1000A Analyzer rapidly displays the barcode and fluorescence intensity for each BMB, facilitating clear reporting of reaction results for each probe.


BioCode 1000A Analyzer Specifications:
Multiplex Assays/Test 1 ~ 128 analytes
Plate Format 96-well microplate
Bright Field Light Source LED
Fluorescence Light Source 120W metal halide lamp
(excitation: 530nm, fluorescence: 575nm); wavelength adjustable depending on filter sets for PE, Cy3, Cy5, QD, NIR dye, etc.
Detector CCD, 12 bit; with IEEE 1394 host computer interface
Sensitivity 0.5 f mole GAPDH (DNA) or 1.0 pg/ml IL-2 (protein) with PE label
Dynamic Range 4 logs
Speed Detection to result: 60 seconds per well
CV Between runs: typical 2~3%, <5%; System to system: <10%
IT Connectivity Standard with serial RS232
Power Requirements 100 – 240VAC~, 50/60 Hz, 0.8A
Dimension 26”W x 15 3/4”D x 17”H
CE Certified; Conforming to Laboratory Equipment Standards:
      • EN55011
      • EN61010-1
      • EN61326-1
      • IEC61010
      • EN61000A-3-2
      • EN61000A-3-3
Auto Load Extended stage for optional robotic loading


How to Order:

For product pricing:
Please call 562-801-0050, ext 228,
or email


For ordering:
Please call 562-801-0050, ext. 253, 229,
or email

*BioCode 1000A Analyzer is intended For Research Use Only. Not for use in Diagnostic Procedures.

System Features

• No expensive lasers or complex optical alignment
• No driving fluid & waste containers
• No sample or bead carry-over
• No ambiguous barcode classification